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Why List Your Rentals with Us

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Our service is the fastest and easiest way to give your rental property's ad high-priority placement. We have helped thousands of landlords fill their vacancies from the hundreds of members that sign up for our services every week.

Benefits of Listing With Us:

  • Create full page ads with your own descriptive text and up to 15 pictures!
  • Exposure to over 6,000 unique visitors daily
  • Your listings are distributed to our partners:,,,
  • A Landlord Center with helpful tools to assist you in filling your vacancy
  • It's simple to update your listings either via an email you receive from us or from your Landlord Center
  • Multiple ways for you to give us your listings; upload to our site, send via fax or call them in to someone from our courteous staff
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Additional Services

We offer a wide variety of services for rental property managers, such as fill-and-print forms, complimentary credit checks, and free advertising with color pictures. If you need help taking picture of properties, we can assist you by driving past the property and taking pictures ourselves, and IPIX Virtual Tours are available upon request.

Get your listings seen by more people with Featured Listings:

Featured Listings are easy to use and set up. Create your own ad online, via Fax or with the help of one of our courteous staff. Send us pictures you've taken yourself, or even take pictures via your cell phone, email it to your self and upload to the site (If you don't have digital pictures you can also send them to us and we can scan them free of charge).

  • Find a Tenant in three days — Guaranteed
  • Your listing will be available to over 6,000 unique visitors per day as well as another 1,500 active members
  • Featured listings are viewed three times more often because they are viewable by ALL of our users, guests and members
  • Featured Listings are e-mailed to potential tenants instantly
  • Your listings will appear bolded and on top of the search results in the region
  • Post as many pictures as you like per listing
  • Free 3-in-1 Credit Reports, Eviction and Background Checks for All landlords

Simply set up a free Landlord account online or contact us to have one set up for you and try out our online tools for managing your regular and Featured Listings there's no charge to add listings unless you decide to publish a Featured Property listing.